Best outdoor kitchen design ideas in 2017

BuiltIn Cook Space

This California home’s built-in concrete cook room was inspired with a Pinterest picture featuring the work of Dutch designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer of WWOO.

Shed some light on the problem.

Don’t count on on natural sun alone on your space. How’s this for an outdoor kitchen idea? Add overhead light — recessed cans, pendant lamps, etc. — to mild your area a-T night. By adding a ceiling fan using a lamp, you can even increase airflow. This lavish veranda from Anaheim utilizes monitor lights to emphasize every one of its characteristics.


Entertaining pro Lulu Powers dreamed for years of a copper bar, but stressed it would turn green. Treating the counter and provides a glam areas for outdoor cocktail parties, and shelving with lacquer staves off weathering.

Refrigerated Drawers

Tucked away in a small Chicago backyard, this outside kitchen setup proves you don’t want a lot of outside space for a fashionable and practical kitchen. A stacked two-fridge door keeps beer along with other refreshments at the ready.


Five stories above Brooklyn, a tarpaper roof became a gourmet cooking area with views of the Nyc skyline. The area is anchored by a charcoal grill, but the true magic is provided by the drink station. A slide-away cutting insulated ice bin and board make mojitos easy.

Custom kitchen cabinetry

Modern terrace with summer outside kitchen

Which are the essential elements for the advancement of a summer kitchen in a fashion that is modern? An almost essential part grill, of the decor gives you the possibility to prepare meats or vegetables to your own meals. Modern outside grills, such as Cal Flame, may possibly be an effective option to get a fast and delicious dinner that is good.

Cedar Cabinetry

Cedar cabinetry and stainlesssteel counter-tops give a modern feel to this outside kitchen; herb gardens filled up with yucca lavender, and juniper provide the space a natural sense.

Outdoor Fireplace

It’s maybe not a full blown kitchen, but this stucco mission style hearth, complete with classic Spanish tiles designed by Isabelle Dahlin (who also owns popular L.A. shop Dekor), is the ideal location for family to gather and roast s’mores.

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